For Students

On this page you will find audio and - in some cases - sheet music for some of the tunes I teach. This is a service to my students. If you are not a student and you find something of interest here, feel free to enjoy it. Tunes are played on the practice chanter at conservative or slow tempo with a metronome for reference. I have played the technique open and deliberate in a way that I feel like new pipers most benefit from playing as they develop muscle memory of each type of embellishment.

Beginning Tunes

Ode to Joy - 80 BPM
Brown Haired Maiden - 30 BPM, 60 BPM double
Amazing Grace - 54 BPM, play along with this to practice the seconds
Oh, Danny Boy - count, count, count, and then stylize it later!
The Bluebells of Scotland - 80 BPM, try seconds or countermelody with this one.

Slow Stuff

Highland Cathedral - 56 BPM, 112 BPM double
Bells of Dunblane

Fun Stuff

Star Wars
Galacian Jig


Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
Angels We Have Heard on High
The First Noel
We Wish You a Merry Christmas
The Little Drummer Boy

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