Bagpipe Service

Bagpipe service can range from a reed setup to detailed work on hemp and joints, to seasoning a bag or oiling the bores or polishing silver mounts. I have always enjoyed working on bagpipes and helping people figure out how to care for and maintian their pipes. I charge a reasonable amount for these types of services and hope to teach people so they can do these things themselves in the future. I've also found myself charged with the care of bagpipes that have been out of service or pipes that are simply frustrating their owners. Often a fresh perspective on the difficulties and some time away from the bagpipe in quesstion are the cure for chronic problems. In bagpipe service patience is the key. Taking the time needed to do a thorough job will save a lot of time in the future. When I get a set of pipes in need of attention, I spend as much time on them as if they were my own and I don't stop working untill the job is done properly.

Bagpipe Setup

Have you ever gotten that new bagpipe and just had no idea what to do next? (Despite what a dealer may tell you, a new bagpipe is rarely ready to play when you get it.) Or you just got those nifty new drone reeds, a new synthetic bag and a moisture control system and don't have time to figure out how it all works, much less how it all works together? Or you just dug the pipes out of the closet after three years and want to get them going again? Before a bagpipe can be played it has to be set up. This can take a few minutes or a few days, depending on how many variables there are and how far out of service the bagpipe is. And sometimes people want to set it up themselves and just don't have time. I've come across all these situations in the recent past and am happy to help people set up a bagpipe or figure out why it isn't working.

Bagpipe Maintenance

It's those little daily chores that make the difference in keeping a bagpipe going: checking the joints and the bag for air-tightness, seasoning the bag, oiling the wood or simply cleaning all the holes on the chanter. If maintenance has gotten away from you, or if you need some help figuring out what needs to be done to keep certain things in good condition, or if there are things you don't have time to do (oiling and polishing metal can be time-consuming), just let me know. I not only love bagpipes, I love to take care of them.

Tender Loving Care for Bagpipes and Their Pipers

Have you hugged a bagpipe today? How many times have we just had it with our pipes? Sometimes it seems like throwing them out the window is the only thing that will solve our problems. I know how helpful a day or a week off can be. If you and your pipes need some time oapart, I can take them for a night or a week and try to fix what is ailing them or simply give them a once over - anything from a good oiling to repairing holes in the bag cover.

And of course I care as much for pipers as I do for the pipes. I spend a lot of time with bagpipes and will do everything I can to help inexperienced pipers in becoming familiar with how pipes behave and what few simple things a piper can do to make life with the pipes a little easier - such as maintenance routines, things to look for when trying to fix a problem and what distinctive things I learn about the pipes just by working on them. Each bagpipe is different and how the piper interacts with it will be unique as well. Even when things are done correctly, everyone still has a slightly different pressure and posture and style of playing. If the bagpipe is suited specifically to its piper, things will go much better for the both of them.

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