Bagpipe Performance

Performance is one of those things that a piper aspires to, though it takes up relatively little of his time on the pipes. For every minute played in public, a good piper has spent hours in practice. I make every effort to keep my standard tunes fresh and my pipes working well and playing as in-tune as possible. I dedicate an hour or two per day to practicing, tuning and maintaining my instrument so that it will always be ready for a good performance. If you are looking for a piper, this is the place to learn more about me. And if you need a specific tune, see if it is in my repertoire. If it is not, I can probably learn it with reasonable advance notice.

Here are some types of events where bagpipes may be used effectively:

  • Weddings
  • Parties
  • Ceremonies
  • Church Services
  • Memorial/graveside Services
  • Festivals
  • International Events
  • School Music Class Demonstrations

If you think I may be the right piper for your event, please contact me. I have played for all types of occasions including weddings, ceremonies, banquets, funerals, concerts, church services, and parties. Please take a listen to my Audio Samples.

Piping in Tulsa, Oklahoma
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