Bagpipe Art

My first vocation is drawing. I've been at it a lot longer than piping. Here is a little of my bagpipe inspired art. I hope to more fully integrate it into some of my future piping exploits. There's definitely a lot more on the way.

Cards, etc.

A pretty notecard. Flett and Honk enjoy a sunset

The 2002 Christmas card included the lyrics from "The Little Drummer Boy," one of my favorite carols.

This is the 2004 Christmas card, even though there is nothing specifically "Christmas" about it. It's just really warm and colorful like the Holidays.

This one was just because.

The 2005 card was affected by the events on the fall following Hurrican Katrina. I lived in Mississippi at the time and found that the place where I had grown up had changed overnight.

My 2006 card: Honk, Beep and Flett on Christmas Eve

Logos and T-shirts

The Hub City Pipes and Drums logo, designed for the Hattiesburg, MS band in 2004.

Baton Rouge summer drumhead

Baton Rouge Traditional Drumhead

City of Rockford Pipe Band Winter Ceilidh Logo

A funny fundraiser T-shirt design for the San Bernardino Sherrif Pipes and Drums

Print Material

This is mine and Jessie's fake piping CD, but if you have a real one and want a CD cover designed, let me know!

my bagpipe busianess card

my OLD bagpipe busianess card


I have dreamed of being a cartoonist for most of my life. Recently The Voice - the quarterly publication of the EUSPBA began publishing some of my piping humor. What an honor! I love to have the chance to make a contribution.

What do Bagpipes think? part 1

What do Bagpipes think? part 2

What do Bagpipes think? part 3

I plan to do more of these!

Hurricane Relief
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