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Dr Pepper has been my favorite since I was thirteen. I started drinking it loyally after there was a scene in the movie Short Circuit featuring a Dr Pepper ad. Since I'm from Texas - the home of Dr Pepper - I had always drunk Dr Pepper growing up, but in 1986 I discovered it was indeed my favorite. Short Circuit is still my favorite movie too.

Hey, a Piping Pepper!

After I started learnig to play the Scottish bagpipes I figured out that they go really great with Dr Pepper. For one thing, the pipes are one of the few instruments that one can play while burping. People who drink Dr Pepper refer to themselves as "Peppers" and now I was also a piper! A piper who's a Pepper. What's more fun than that? (Except maybe burping while playing Scotland the Brave.)

I remember once competing in St. Louis, Missouri and after I played a march for John Cairns (who is now my instructor), he asked about the Dr pepper patch on my bagpipe cover. At the moment, I had forgotten it was there, so all I could say was, "I just really like Dr Pepper." Hey it was the truth. And the patch didn't bother John. I ended up winning second place. Judge Ed Neigh gave me first in another event but he didn't ask me about Dr Pepper.

So the Dr Pepper bag cover has become my "fun" bag cover. It gets a few questions from people, to which I just answer, "I really like Dr Pepper." I know I look like a walking advertisement, and maybe I am, but I don't mind. I'd love to advertise for Dr Pepper for real... so here's the big idea.

The Dr Pepper Piper

I think bagpipes are pretty cool and memorable. And they're definitely much more in the mainstream than ever. Scottish piping is more alive and well than it has ever been, qnd pipers are turning up everywhere. Now I know Guinness beer has a piper, but why not Dr Pepper? Now THAT would be unique!

So since I live in the general vicinity of the home of Dr Pepper - Waco, TX - and the corporate headquarters of Dr Pepper - Plano, TX - I have had thoughts of a novel approach to marketing. I think it would be fun to be the Official Dr Pepper Piper! It's an idea I've been kicking around for awhile. I'll probably kick it a little more, and maybe something will happen.

Pepper Piper Uniform

Yeah, why not? A uniform with a Dr Pepper kilt and everything. Everyone else has an official tartan. You can even register your tartan with some Scottish board to make it official. I think a Dr Pepper kilt would look pretty smart with some nice matching accoutrements. And, of course, the Dr Pepper patch on my bag. And the uniform could be versatile - winter, summer, formal, informal. A DP T-shirt and maroon Chuck Taylor All-Stars for an outdoor festival, or a shirt and maroon tie for that big Dr Pepper dinner party! The great thing about a kilt is that it goes with just about anything. Check out this idea for a Dr Pepper tartan. I think it captures the essence... as much as plaid can. Now if it would just fizz a little and go down nice and cool on a summer day.

For now this idea is but a dream. I have a lot of other things going on in my life right now, but as I get my other piping endeavors in their groove, this project may be a more real possibility. Either way, I'm a huge Dr Pepper fan and I'd love the cahnce to show it in my piping, representing my favorite drink in fun and unusual setting one day soon.

Make a Joyful Noise!
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