Audio Samples

My goal is to keep fairly current recordings here for anyone who might be instersted in hiring me or taking some lessons. (Updated recordings are coming soon.) The files are in MP3 format. They may take awhile to download on certain connections, though I have tried to keep the examples short. In the interest of efficiency, most of these examples are only the first one or two parts of the tune, but they should be enough to give a feel for my playing.

Thanks for listening, and if you have questions or would like to hear more, please contact me.

Most Recently Updated

Shoshanna's Lullaby
Scotland the Brave
The Willow, written by E.J. Jones

In the Process of Being Updated

Jesus Loves the Little Children - my arrangement for two bagpipes played by me and me
Amazing Grace
Green Hills of Tyrol
Stool of Repentance
Arniston Castle
The Dark Island
The Braemar Gathering
The 93rd at Moddor River
Highland Cathedral
Greensleeves (smallpipes)

Yes, those are my hands.
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