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Cats and Boov steal K2EZ Rover - QSL card

colored pencil on bristol 9 x 12

N4MCC - QSL card

pen and ink/Photoshop

W4VUE - QSL card

pen and ink/Photoshop

W3FZV - QSL card

pen and ink

Los Angeles Police pipe band poster

ink and Photoshop 24 x 36


ink and marker

What do Bagpipes Think

ink drawing/Photoshop, cartoon series

Lemurs - Polymer Science Learning Center

sketches - pen and ink

Atoms - Polymer Science Learning Center

pen and ink

Sparks QSL


Piper T-shirt

ink drawing/Photoshop, t-shirt

Stuffed Johnny Five for Christmas

Pen and Ink/Photoshop

Paul Lemur and Friends

ink drawing/Photoshop

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