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My name is Virginia Smith. I am a full-service bagpiper in Fort Worth, Texas. I teach people of all ages to play the Great Highland Bagpipe and have performed at a variety of events. I would be happy make your event special. If you are interested in bagpipe performance or bagpipe lessons, take a look around and contact me if you have any questions or if you would like to be a piper too.

Hand Painted Piper Portraits

by Carola Locke, a talented local Fort Worth area artist. Carola creates beautiful, larger-than-life acrylic portraits, hand painted with old-style quality and amazing photo realism. Commision your unique family heirloom! Check out the News link and scroll down to see a larger version.

Bagpipe Solutions

by John Cairns, the bagpipe instruction method I use
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For Students

Audio examples for bagpipe students to listen to while learning music, recorded at reduced tempos with a metronome. Whether you take lessons with me or not, feel free to give these a listen, and click here to learn about lessons.


See what my studetns and I have been up to in these brief reports of recent exploits.
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